Please tell me you haven't forgotten about his game! I asked a question months ago and never received a reply I really want to know when the next episode comes out please don't forget about his game it's really great!

Asked by bad-influenze

We haven’t forgotten!

We’re working really hard and please expect an announcement of a release date in the next few weeks. 

(Also sorry about not answering your question - it’s been a hectic summer.)

I'd just like to say that this game is so beautifully and artfully crafted, and if any of you guys think for one moment that it isn't worth the effort, I will personally hunt you down and beg for a chapter two. The choices... Abby or Marcel or Nora. It's great. please continue with it. :)

Asked by siriusinasweater

We do think it’s worth the effort mostly because we get lovely messages like this one, so thank you very much : )

I absolutely loved the first episode and was just wondering: Are you still interested in seeing fan-art for a possible boy avatar? Or other player avatars? If so, could I upload someway through a mobile device?

Asked by this-url-is-false

We’re always looking for fan art : ) If you want to send it you can email it to 

Let us know in the email if you want us to post it to the tumblr : )

Hi! I realise this is an early version of the game, but are you planning on adding the ability to save and/or skip text in later versions (I'm on a desktop if that matters)? I really enjoyed the first chapter but knowing I'd have to click through all the dialogue again has sapped the joy I would otherwise have felt at playing it again and seeing how different choices would play out. And the idea of not being able to save or skip seen dialogue in later chapters is quite offputting!

Asked by sqbr

It’s certainly something that we’d like to add and we’ve already received a fair bit of feedback on the save system. I know that’s not a definitive answer, but it’s hard to say whether we’ll prioritize this feature yet!

I cannot thank you enough for making such an amazing queer-positive game! LongsStory is beautifully illustrated, wonderfully written, and completely engaging. I'm holding my breath for chapter two, for sure!

Asked by breezefox

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying it!

I noticed that you couldn't say that you had a crush on the Turkeyhawk towards the end of the first chapter. How will romancing the Turkeyhawk go, if not in the same way as romancing anybody else? Is the Turkeyhawk a furry, because that would be pretty rad, displaying different interests and whatnot.

Asked by phantomthelabrat

Actually, you can romance the Turkeyhawk, we just had a design problem at the end, where fitting 5 options in broke the choice screen (things you learn at the last minute during game design). 

So in the next episode we’ll make sure you know that Turkeyhawk is totally eligible.

Is the Turkeyhawk a furry?? That is a very good question. We have a lot of ideas about who lives in that suit. I think the easiest answer is: It’s too soon to tell why the Turkeyhawk does what they do, but they are definitely crush worthy  :)