LONG STORY is a game about surviving your teen years.

Because being a teen is great and all, but there’s a lot to survive, and much of it doesn’t get talked about.

What’s the game about?

When you return home after a year in France, your new school Weasel Heights proves almost as bizarre as its name. The rugby team is obsessed with animals that don’t exist, the principal keeps trying to talk students into meditating, and the girls who keep harassing you appear to be sharing one brain across three bodies. As if figuring out the social landscape of the school isn’t difficult enough, the previous owner of your locker leaves you the only clue to solve the mystery of her sudden disappearance.

If you manage to work up the nerve to ask out your crush, there are 5 dateable characters in Long Story: Two girls, two boys, and one… well, some people defy labels.

Is the player character a girl?

Yes, but feel free to pretend otherwise if it suits you.

Are there queer dating options?

Sure are, this game is queer-positive.

… You named the school Weasel Heights?

Yes. Yes we did.

Tell me more of these people whose hearts I may steal.

Follow us on tumblr for updates! We plan to start releasing information on the various characters shortly.

When’s it coming out?

LONG STORY is coming out in Fall 2013.